We Make it Easy

We provide a lightweight Bag Buddy frame and bags for collection, plus Phone/Email reminders so you don't forget.

Year-Round Pickups

Scheduled pickups every 10 weeks, even in the winter. Keep your garage clean all year. Flexible business options available.

Tax Receipt

As a local registered charitable organization, we issue you a tax credit of $8-16 per full bag, depending on the contents.

How it Works

Four Simple Steps

1. Sign Up

We will email you with a dropoff date for your collection supplies.

2. Receive Your Collection Supplies

We will drop off a lightweight Bag Buddy frame and bags to begin your collection (more options available for business).

3. Leave Your Empties Out on Scheduled Days

Leave your bags out by 8am. Our driver will estimate the value of your donation. Full bags are typically worth $8-16, depending on the contents. You will receive all the replacement bags you need.

4. Get your Receipt

We will send you an annual tax receipt for your cumulative donations.

Residential: 1-888-YOU-WINN
Business: 1-780-784-7913